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Introducing Ayumi Suzume, a misunderstood high school girl that has been thrown to the side and alienated by her peers for most of her life. Confused, and never understanding why that is, she eventually took her outcast image to heart. Alongside her, her trusty friend Keiko who has been with her since they were little kids. They've always had each other when things got tough. Always taking care of the other when they're not able to do so themselves.

Enter the present day...

Due to some strange circumstances, Ayumi finds herself in trouble once more. Only this time, she can't rely on her best friend to get her out of it. Instead, she has to rely on the kindness of someone who is a complete stranger to her. Someone with a very special skill that sadly, her best friend since childhood lacks... Together, the two of them must solve the mystery that put Suzume in the position she now finds herself. With her very fate hanging in the balance, will she finally learn to trust those around her?

Or, will her initial thoughts prevail?

A strange mystery awaits you in the sleepy seaside town of Seishin-Tekina!

Full game planned features below



Choice remembrance - Every choice is tallied as you progress through the story of WS. Depending on the choices you make, Ayumi's story can end in several different ways. Some choices will change the locations you visit, others Ayumi's affinity towards you, and some even the fate of characters themselves!

Interactive environments - Some backgrounds may be interacted with via a point and click "Investigation System" that allows players to interact with certain objects at certain points during the story. This helps to add a new gameplay element to the standard visual novel formula. You'll be able to discover several new things about the plot, environments, and characters depending on what you decide to click!

Affinity system - Choices and actions you take in the main story affect Ayumi's disposition towards you. The higher this affinity, the better the chance for things to end on a positive note. This affinity can be checked any time Ayumi is with you by pressing a button next to the nameplate of the text box. It also serves several other unique purposes as the story progresses, such as checking up on her after a traumatic event has transpired. It's never a bad idea to check up on your partner from time to time!

Team Members:

GoyaMunoz — Background art (contact: Instagram)
Damare — Music score (contact: Twitter)
Radiophobia — Music score
Cyrke — Artworks for special scenes
BlackRabbitArtworks — Misc. artist

Support Us:

Install instructions

Once downloaded, simply unzip the zip. file in a comfortable location, and you're good to go.


WatashiSuzume-1.0.2-Demo-pc.zip 238 MB
WatashiSuzume-1.0.2-Demo-mac.zip 221 MB

Development log


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Kinda nice. But the demo still doesn't tell me anything much about how the game will go and what I'll be playing later.

Glad you seemed to enjoy it.
The synopsis is all about telling you what to expect from the game  story-wise, and the demo is all about showcasing the gameplay features, and setting up the main story that you'll be playing through in the full game.
Some of it is left ambiguous on purpose because of the mystery aspect behind the plot.
I wanted people to wonder what's going to happen next.

If you have any lingering questions, you can join the project's discord and I'll be happy to answer them for you.
Thank you for playing!


Okay! I'll consider it!